Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is an effective and efficient approach to management of unwanted hair as opposed to a hair by hair approach such as plucking and Electrolysis. Multiple hairs are treated with each pass of the laser making it a useful technique for targeting small areas such as face, underarms, & bikini. Equal effectiveness is achieved when treating large areas such as the back, chest, legs and shoulders. We use two different FDA approved lasers for hair reduction allowing us to treat different hair and skin types.


Dark (pigment) hairs have melanin in their shafts which absorb laser light and this is transformed into heat which disables the hair follicles. The hair is detached from the follicle and comes out after 1-2 weeks. The damaged follicle is gradually replaced by non functional tissue and is unable to generate hair. During the treatment the skin surface is protected by cooling and using specific laser wave lengths which only target deeper tissue. As hairs grow in cycles several treatment sessions are required the frequency of which depends upon the site being treated.


Laser is attracted to melanin which gives hair color for this reason we can only treat dark hair. There are certain contraindicatations for this treatment including the use of certain medications, active skin infections, and recently tanned skin.


It feels like a rubber band being flicked against the skin, the intensity of which varies from person to person and the area involved. .To help cope with the sensation a cooling mechanism is used to numb the skin. If this is not enough, for which it is for many we also offer EMLA a topical anesthetic cream designed to numb the skin.


Slight redness and swelling is usually seen around the hair follicles and will gradually disappear over the next 24-48 hrs. The area will feel much the same as a sunburn, for which we recommend soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E or Copper Peptides as these promote faster healing of the treatment area.


We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments to get a significant hair reduction, with most people seeing about a 30% reduction after their first treatment. Due to the hair growth cycle treatments will be 4-8 weeks apart depending on the individual and area being treated. You should stop waxing, plucking or depilatory creams at least 6 weeks prior and between treatments, the only thing that you can do is shave or cut the hair.


We use the Cynosure Elite which has an Alexandrite 755 and Nd: YAG 1064, to accommodate all skin types even tanned skin. This is the most effective laser combination for hair removal.