Photo Rejuvenation


Overtime aging sun exposure, trauma & lifestyle factors can result in broken capillaries, diffuse red and brown spots. Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are non invasive and may produce lasting improvement for these problems leading to a refreshed appearance. Photorejuvenation also effectively treats Rosacea, cherry red spots (angiomas) and freckles (lentigines). Associated benefits with this treatment include a decrease in pore size, improved texture and tightening through collagen stimulation. Used in combination with Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels will provide enhanced removal of blemishes and imperfections.


Both Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can effectively be used for Photorejuvenation. The cynosure Elite has two laser wave lengths one specific for redness & vessels (Nd:YAG 1064) and the other for brown pigment (Alexandrite 755) which can be used either separately or in combination for the most effective treatment. In addition the Nd: YAG can help fine lines especially on face, neck, chest and hands areas frequently affected by sundamage.

Melanin absorbs the light which is transformed to heat. Melanin particles from pigmented lesions and cell debris are eliminated by the immune system and through crusting.


Red’s (Vascular) & Browns (Pigmentations). Rosacea, Telangiestasia’s, Angiomas, Port Wine Stains, Dyschromia, Solar Lentigines & Large Pores.


It feels like a rubber band being flicked against the skin, which is tolerable for most people. The initial response will be redness and darkening of pigmentation. Immediately after the treatment the area will continue to heat up and resemble sunburn, pigment will continue to darken up over the next few hours.


Usually the area feels like sunburn for the next 24-48hrs, it is recommended that you apply soothing Aloe Vera, wear a sunscreen daily, and eliminate the use of astringents, and retinols until the area is healed. Pigment will crust and flake off naturally in 7-14days.


Depending on a certain factors such as skin type, age and environmental exposure, you might be happy with 1-2 treatments or for stubborn pigmentation, diffuse redness or Rosacea a course of 3-4 treatments is recommended.


We use the Cynosure Elite which has an Alexandrite 755 and Nd: YAG 1064, to accommodate all skin types even tanned skin. Sciton BBL uses the latest in Intense Pulse Light technology. Utilizing a dual-flash lamp with precision variable cooling and offers unparallel results and comfort.