The MicroLaser Peel™ provides significant and immediate improvement that can be seen in texture and tightness leaving you with smoother healthier and more vibrant skin. Another treatment option is the South Beach Peel™ with uses Broadband Light combined with the MicroLaser Peel™. The dual treatment is especially beneficial in treating those patients with sun spots, sun damage, and wrinkles.

How Does it Work?

An Erbium laser is used to slough away the outer layers of the skin to improve skin tone and texture. It is a step up from Microdermabrasion and a step below full Skin Resurfacing. A precise skin depth is selected to achieve a light, medium or deep peel.

A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin 30 mins prior to treatment to effectively numb the area. With the aid of a computer scanner on the Erbium Laser the appropriate depth of peel is selected. After the treatment a topical occlusive such as Aquaphor or Neova’s Intensive Tissue Repair is put on the skin to keep skin from drying out.

Your skin will feel similar to a sunburn, with minor sloughing on the second day. Redness will begin to fade by the third day, and mineral makeup can be worn. For a light peel, 3-4 days is the typical recovery time, while a deeper peel can last 4-5 days.

Will depend on the depth of the peel as more treatments maybe needed when lighter treatment are performed. Typically 2-4 treatments are recommended which can be spaced 6-8 weeks apart